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Amethysts Reveal Debut Single ‘My Love’
The two-piece’s first release sees them mix electronics and live instrumentation, with layers of sweet vocal harmonies washing over depths of synthesisers and guitar
30 July 2016
adidas Pro Model 80s Polygone W
The 80s classic gets updated with an all leather upper
28 July 2016
Low Pink’s First Single “Someone For Your Days”
The one young man project band from Jakarta released the first ever single “Someone For Your Days”
27 July 2016
LÉAMA first collection, Höga.
Perfect choice for you leisure times!
26 July 2016
Ramayana Soul announce indefinite hiatus
The spiritual raga-rock unit decided to take a break from music.
22 July 2016
X-Wing Hot Wheels Carship
The ultimate Hot Wheels
21 July 2016
Aesthetic Pleasure’s second line, /-ism
Introducing /-ism, the second line and the basic collection of Aesthetic Pleasure.
20 July 2016
Andalusia joined NAFF It Project 2016
Andalusia, an Indonesian movie got elected by It Project 2016 to join Networking Asian Fantastic Film in South Korea.
18 July 2016
Kaveh Kanes New Music Video
New music video from the indie pop trio Kaveh Kanes will make you want to slide with a rollerskate.
16 July 2016
PokéDrone by TRNDlabs
Gotta catch ’em all, literally anywhere!
15 July 2016
Heals Released A New Single ‘Myselves’
The shoegaze alternative band from Bandung, Heals, released another great single.
14 July 2016
Dominate Zeitgeist Collection
Dominate launched their Autumn/Winter 2016 collection ‘Zeitgeist’.
13 July 2016
Newmoon new single ‘Head Of Stone’
The Belgian five-piece shoegazer have announced their new single from the upcoming debut album
12 July 2016
Paradise Youth Club: Parasite
Paradise Youth Club unveiled its latest collection called Parasite
9 July 2016
Happy Eid Al-Fitr
Happy Eid Al-Fitr from all of us here at Sub
6 July 2016
Metallica In Brioni Campaign
Metallica teams up with Italian luxury menswear house Brioni
5 July 2016

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This time we pick the cream of the crop from our friends at Bobobobo


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Now forget about the beaches and mountains for a bit and meet a lover of urban life, Calvin DJC!
15 February 2016

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lepigalle - feature
Le Pigalle: A neon light in the Parisian night
19 February 2016

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An Indonesian graffiti artist who currently resides in Singapore and is making his name around the street art scene
29 June 2016

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Kims cover
For this issue of You’re It, we turn to Kims, the dude behind Capital Jakarta and one of Sub-Cult’s founders
19 May 2014

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Neighborhood / ,
Älska is a one-stop-treasure-shop where you can find all sorts of wonderful knick knacks from faraway and exotic places around the globe
7 July 2014
Plan B Homeware
Interview /
The home and design Indonesian made Plan B’s creative duo Anezka and Ifa shares decorating ideas to Sub-Cult over margaritas and spiced chocolate
18 June 2014
Features /
Sub-Cult is back with our latest Storage, featuring our chosen local and international brands as well as other cool stuff from vinyls to custom motorcycle
11 June 2014
Fluxcup cover
Interview /
Sub-Cult mendapatkan kesempatan untuk mengorek isi kepala dari orang dibalik video-video absurd Fluxcup
13 May 2014
Thrive Motorcycle
Interview / ,
Seiring dengan perkembangan scene custom motorcycle lokal, banyak bermunculan bengkel custom, salah satunya yang cukup menonjol adalah Thrive Motorcycle
7 May 2014
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