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Älska is a one-stop-treasure-shop where you can find all sorts of wonderful knick knacks from faraway and exotic places around the globe
7 July 2014
planb cover
Interview /
The home and design Indonesian made Plan B’s creative duo Anezka and Ifa shares decorating ideas to Sub-Cult over margaritas and spiced chocolate
18 June 2014
Features /
Sub-Cult is back with our latest Storage, featuring our chosen local and international brands as well as other cool stuff from vinyls to custom motorcycle
11 June 2014
Fluxcup cover
Interview /
Sub-Cult mendapatkan kesempatan untuk mengorek isi kepala dari orang dibalik video-video absurd Fluxcup
13 May 2014
Interview / ,
Seiring dengan perkembangan scene custom motorcycle lokal, banyak bermunculan bengkel custom, salah satunya yang cukup menonjol adalah Thrive Motorcycle
7 May 2014


We pick the latest and hottest stuff in stores right now, so you’ll never have to …


new kendra cover
Welcome to the psychedelic and deeply fascinating mind of illustrator Kendra Ahimsa. We talked about everything to this trippy illustrator, from Bhagavad Gita to acid font
22 August 2014


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Älska is a one-stop-treasure-shop where you can find all sorts of wonderful knick knacks from faraway and exotic places around the globe
7 July 2014


frantzen cover
One can think of several essential things to do when traveling to Stockholm – we hopped on a plane to Stockholm for one reason only, to visit Restaurant Frantzén
27 June 2014

/you're it

Kims cover
For this issue of You’re It, we turn to Kims, the dude behind Capital Jakarta and one of Sub-Cult’s founders
19 May 2014

/daily news

No Cameras Allowed
From Coachella, Bonnaroo, to the Glastonbury festival, it seems that James Marcus Haney knows how to sneak into the best festivals for free
28 August 2014
Lazy Oaf Women’s Autumn 2014
We totally like the idea of wearing their graphic pop print buttondowns as maxi shirt-dresses
26 August 2014
Introducing Rainy Milo
The pretty South Londoner finally released her debut full length album “This Thing of Ours” that includes 10 tracks
26 August 2014
Alexander Wang x Haydenshapes
We don’t care that we can’t surf, we definitely want any of these ultra stylish one-of-a-kind limited edition marble print surfboards
25 August 2014
Damsel in Distress

With all paintings at the exhibition sold-out, you can tell why DC Comics hired this Bandung based illustrator to draw for them
23 August 2014
The Roots – Understand ft. Dice Raw and Greg Porn
The video is directed by Joe Baughman with a stop motion themed of materialism, nihilism and faithlessness, but in a literal way
20 August 2014
Cat Soup
This animation by Tatsuo Sato will make you think “In a world of cats somewhere in Japan, there’s a severe depression stirring in-” *not recommended for the depressed
19 August 2014
Painting Sense

See a giant brush to the tiniest one, or odd shaped brushes and rollers – a quirky exhibition by Aditya Novali using various painting necessities
18 August 2014
The Double
Based on a novel by Fyodor Dostoyevsky with the same title, Richard Ayoade teases us through this sweet, creepy, and dark psychological film
18 August 2014
Mö Summer 2014 Collection
Spanish brand Mödernaked makes your camping trip stylish with their latest backpack collection
16 August 2014
Michael Cera – true that
You know he has the ability to crack you up or even annoy the shit out of you, but did you know he plays wicked guitar and piano? You’re welcome.
15 August 2014
Havehad FW14: The Core Elements ‘Deep Ocean’
Particularly we’re interested in owning a pair of the all black LTXs that looks like a long-lost brother from Flavio Girolami’s Common Projects
14 August 2014
Jamie T – Zombie
Jamie T and his band gradually turns into zombies trying to still put up a performance at a miserable pub
14 August 2014
Lazy Oaf Men “Space Oddity”
The collection features the label’s signature all over prints and spacey doodles
13 August 2014
From fancy chef to food truck business? This movie by John Favreau will leave you feeling very very hungry – you have been warned
13 August 2014
Je T’aime, Je T’aime
A man is projected into the past to see if he can recapture a certain moment of his life in this French sci-fi by Alain Resnais
12 August 2014
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